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Cover Crop Resources

There are a lot of useful resources out there for Cover Crops.  See below for some great information that we have collected for you.

The use of cover crops has grown in popularity as soil health and water quality issues have become a priority in our Agricultural and Environmental communities.  It is our intention at Gutwein Seed Services to provide basic information on the proper utilization of Cover Crops so farmers can fully appreciate and realize the real benefits gained from their use.  

Cover Crops primarily serve to conserve topsoil, prevent erosion, improve soil structure, increase organic matter, and capture and hold nutrients for the following crop.  Some legume cover crops have the potential to produce nitrogen that could ultimately reduce your fertilizer bill.  The use of Cover Crops has exploded over the last few years!!!  Demand for Cover Crop seed is high and the best varieties always sell out fast.  We recommend ordering as early as possible to lock in the best products available.  If you have an interest in planting Cover Crops this year, please give me a call so we can discuss your options.  Feel free to request more detailed information about Cover Crops- I will be more than happy to get all of your questions answered!

We sell individual varieties of seed and custom seed mixes in addition to the countless standard mixes that we offer.  See below for detailed information about various Cover Crop options, available through Gutwein Seed Services.